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Ambica New York is a jewelry brand based in New York city that offers a wide selection of fine and one of a kind gemstone jewelry, inspired by both Eastern and Western mores and all of it designed in house. We take pride in the fact that our jewelry is not designed as a mere accessory but to be an elegant yet bold expression of your personality and soul.  By embodying three essential elements – a play with stone facets, vivid colors, and a hint of daring – our pieces will capture the essence of you.

Ambica New York’s pieces are vintage inspired but contemporary pieces using 925 sterling silver, 14K and 18K gold plating, colorful and lively precious and semi-precious stones like raw diamonds, garnets, turquoise, peridots, pearls, and many others, and each piece is hand-crafted in our studio in Manhattan (NYC) with limited quantities to be a work of passion, not a product.

Ambica New York was started by Ambica, a GIA certified jewelry designer with years of experience crafting specialized pieces for the high end and fashion jewelry markets. Ambica started sketching intricate designs as a child, soon learning basics of jewelry designing and hand crafting pieces for friends and family. Soon her work got recognition and she began designing jewelry professionally. In keeping with her international background, Ambica’s passion is to combine various exotic influences, including those from the Far East, with European aesthetics to craft pieces that transcend cultural tastes and contain both arresting beauty and an element of mystery.